Signal-to-noise ratio based scores

These ratios are calculated between the 95th percentile of power levels across the whole spectrum (signal), and the median power level (noise).

If you are a KiwiSDR owner trying to improve your setup, here are a number of leads from WA2ZKD:

The Auto Scale button on the waterfall control tab will also give you instant, real-time signal and noise level metrics - as the WF max and WF min numbers - similar to these scores to evaluate the performance and impact of your improvements as you work on your receiver. If you know of, or can contribute, a more comprehensive and in-depth guide to improving and getting the maximum out of your KiwiSDR, contact us and we'll gladly link it from here.

Disclaimer: shortwave reception is a complicated topic, and reducing it to a single number comes with no guarantee of getting a representative or useful result! The scores listed here are most relevant when comparing receivers located in the same area.

Last updated: Mon, 01 Feb 2021 10:58:46 GMT